Enter the Screenwriters of the Round Table

The Time Warp Tea Room gave birth to a new screenwriting group last night. At the impetus of Vickie, whom I knew from a dramatists’ group formed previously, the people represented by the addresses on her email list assembled. Vickie and Sharon were there when I arrived, and we were presently joined by Don, a long-time area columnist, and a bit later by Donna, and finally, by Joshua, who calls himself Atticus. A recent transplant and optioned writer from L.A. whom I had met at a business meetup last month and notified of plans for this group, Susan, did not appear.

The Tea Room seems to have inherited King Arthur’s Round Table. At least, it’s a huge, honkin’ round, wooden table of some sort, appearing to be about 10-12 feet in diameter and large enough to comfortably seat a dozen. There are heaps of magazines circling its center. I’ve never seen anything quite like it in any other restaurant or bar, or, actually, anywhere.

So, over our refreshing drinks we talked about the craft of screenwriting, tossed out internet resources and tidbits about the lay of the land when it comes to moviemaking and attempting to sell specs (screenplays written speculatively, on the off-chance that the writer will be able to sell it to someone who intends to make it into a movie). We talked about the differences between agents and managers and independent filmmakers and the Hollywood studios.  We talked about what we’ve been up to and what we expect from the group.  These are mostly beginners, but it’s obvious that they are all thoughtful beginners, and at least half of us brought a great breadth of screenwriting research to the round table.

It looks as if this is a group of intelligent people who will soon be sampling the first ten pages of each others’ work and providing feedback. I expect we’ll be bouncing notions off each others’ noggins for a while. The Screenwriters of the Round Table is off to a good start.

Bonus link: Check out Atticus and his group, The Theorizt, here.

Peace out.

– Ron


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