Climbing to the Top of Your Query Game

The “Sprinting to Fade Out” Blog has “The Query Game – 10 Tips for Minimally Improved Chances of Success.”
Nothing’s stranger than reality, and no reality is any stranger, I’d say, than the one we face in trying to make a breakthrough to Hollywood success.  I was particularly entertained by the tenth and final item on his advice list.  It reminded me of an anecdote I read about a famous author who, under a pseudonym, had a manuscript read by his publisher’s literary department, which was actually a book with an altered title, otherwise identical to a book which he had a deal in progress with that same publisher. It was rejected. Good advice here from this realist blogger, based on experience.


3 thoughts on “Climbing to the Top of Your Query Game

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! Really glad to hear you enjoyed it. There are a ton of bizarre stories like the one you mentioned — CASABLANCA has been submitted and rejected with merely its title changed, despite being considered one of the best (and you’d think most recognizable…) scripts ever. I’ve heard of managers signing clients after accidentally opening queries when they intended to delete them. I personally know a successful screenwriter whose agent of two years asked who he was at a party… Sometimes you’ve got to wonder where peoples’ heads are at!

    By the way — I think the link to my page is broken. Looks like maybe there’s an extra space thrown in the URL or something. No biggie, but I thought I would let you know.

    Thanks again!

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