Can You Help Secure the Homeland with Some Great PR?

Think you are, or could be, a top-notch Public Relations writer? Well, I’ve got a nightmare for you. What story would you construct for the public to explain and counter any uproar or concern over the following true story?

Julia Davis, while working as a  Customs and Border Protection Officer within the “Department of Homeland Security,” attempted to report to her superiors that she had witnessed 23 persons being ushered into the USA, with all the usual security procedures inexplicably waived. Her bosses referred her to report the incident to “Intel.” In the process of following up that directive, Julia discovered, to her amazement, that DHS “Intel” personnel had had that day, a holiday, off work, despite holidays having been designated as days of heightened security alert.

Next, Julia was subjected to fierce retaliation, including 54 “terrorist” investigations against her for her efforts to comply with procedures as outlined in the DHS employee manual. These began with a large contingent of armed agents raiding her home, in the process, throwing her father, dressed only in his underwear, out onto the pavement, and sending an accompanying ambulance away when he begged for medical help. He died soon after of a heart attack.

Sound bad? To complicate your task, here’s additional information: Julia has a documentary called Top Priority about being put through hell by the DHS for trying to do her duty as written in the DHS manual and report a serious security breach. Her 25-year old neighbor who witnessed and videotaped her family’s terrorization by DHS died mysteriously, as did her corroborating young witness, actress Brittany Murphy.

So, ya want me to hire you as a writer? Okay. If your job was writing PR for Homeland Security, what line would you follow in your public relations effort to counter any negative reaction from the public this information might produce? Let’s see some good stuff, here.

To help you with your research, links to legal documents and previously-published articles on the case appear in this public Bitly bundle.

Top Priority

Top Priority documentary


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