My TeeVee, “Your Channel of Opportunity”

I’ve been preoccupied with some personal matters for a couple of days, but I wanted to mention “Your Channel of Opportunity,” The site seems to have been up since last fall, but I just discovered it the day before yesterday, and I’ve done some preliminary exploration. It seems to me it’s taking a smart approach to developing web series content.  The users submit their work and vote on which become the “best of the best.” The producers of the site promise to produce the first half-hour of content, which ought to be several episodes, as each will be limited for the medium, to a maximum of ten minutes. Success in finding an audience sparks continuation of the series beyond that. If not, it falls by the wayside and it’s on the next item voted “best.” Part of being successful as a creative person is being incorrigible, so in that spirit, I look forward to utililizing this channel of opportunity as a means of exploring the potential popularity of some of my ideas. You can, too.


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