The Best Remembrance

As front-page headllines display a widespread disbelief over the current Administration’s evidence-less “common sense” argument they’re deploying to publicly validate an attack on Syria, I can only say “it’s about time” that Americans showed some skepticism.

Despite the “Shock and Awe” of watching televised events from New York, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, 2001, I immediately felt skeptical despite my horror, a horror which only intensified in the following days, as I heard a majority of those around me expressing complete accord with the story that nineteen Muslims managed to wreak the observed effects of that day.

No, there was no chance that the World Trade Center’s 110-story twin towers could  disintegrate as we saw, faster than a person can clap their hands 110 times.

The best remembrance of 9/11 would be to convene a grand jury investigation of the attacks, as American jurisprudence, disregarded in this case due to political pressure, requires. For an informed summary of why this is so, I recommend reading The Essence of September 11 by Bill Whitehouse. There is no better way to honor the memory of the victims and their families than to learn what was actually done, how, and why. But, then, one must rise to the resulting challenge and take the proper countermeasures. Everyone seems to have decided, consciously or not, to remain moral cowards, instead.

Today, Ben Swann of Reality Check Video has a tactful but more honest report than almost anything ever seen in the corporate media on this topic. I’m a small, but proud, sponsor of the “Re-Think 9/11” campaign, and I salute The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth for making it happen.

Peace? Ever?



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