Is the World About to Embrace a New Money Paradigm?

The world over, people are struggling against the progress of the New World Order, now that its advancement has clearly led to their further enslavement, insecurity, and financial ruin. Will the people of the world prevail over the elite plan to place ownership of the entire world, its people and its resources in the hands of a relatively tiny number?

Will we find a way to achieve a better civilization, permitting greater liberty, or will we unwittingly aid and abet the clever schemers in their quest for total power? The world seems to be closing on the decisive time which will define the future.

In his book, The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, Jim Marrs quotes Darryl Robert Schoon, economic commentator, thusly: “in economies based on the fraudulent issuance of money as debt, there are only predators and victims. Bankers are the predators, society is the victim (businessmen are victims who often believe they’re predators) and governments are the well paid-off referees in the rigged gamed being played out in today’s capital markets.”

Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley

Tragedy and Hope

In his magnum opus book, Tragedy and Hope, A History of the World in Our Time,  Georgetown Professor J. Carroll Quigley made many telling comments about the world-ruling financial cabal, including this remark, “The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and a use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups.” (A number of other important things Quigley had to say on the subject have been gathered on various web pages, including this one.)

Now, we’ve reached the point in the USA where nearly half of every tax dollar we pay the government goes into the accounts of bankers, simply to service interest on (not pay down) the national debt. Who can believe that the national debt will ever be paid down under a system where the power of bankers so obviously dominates the Congress?  The change from an annual Federal surplus, (I believed at the time and still do), achieved during the Clinton Administration, to the ultra-wasteful deficit spending of the Bush Administration was no accident. The Bushes have been part and parcel of international banking for generations, and servants of the cause of a form of massive debt-slavery which seems to be too subtle to be widely understood. But the interest debt for fiscal year 2014 is pegged at near $39 Trillion. This is almost three years’ worth of the entire United States’ gross domestic product.

We are all, in effect, running on an economic treadmill caused  by financial inflation. In a world effectively without new frontiers, run on the issuance of debt which is both cause and effect of economic expansion. We have entered into an era which constitutes a race to see if the world can be rebuilt faster than it is being destroyed, both effects in service to a system of elite financial capitalism. Any initiative which can cause new debt to be created, whether destructive or creative, gets “the green light,” no matter if it destroys the environment, the lives and well-being of hundreds of millions of people, or the future of all life on Earth itself. Are we in the grip of an all-consuming madness now guaranteed to destroy us all? Or, will we find another way to create and direct the convenient commercial fiction known as “money” and, just perhaps, change course and avert disaster?

Let’s take a 100-year overview of the value of the United States dollar. There are, of course, several ways to measure that in a vastly-changed commercial world, and, fortunately, there is a web site created for just that analytical purpose.

“In 2012, the relative value of $1.00 from 1913 ranges from $17.20 to $411.00.

A simple Purchasing Power Calculator would say the relative value is $23.90. This answer is obtained by multiplying $1 by the percentage increase in the CPI from 1913 to 2012.

This may not be the best answer.

The best measure of the relative value over time depends on if you are interested in comparing the cost or value of a Commodity , Income or Wealth , or a Project . For more discussion on how to pick the best measure, read the essay “Explaining the Measures of Worth.”

If you want to compare the value of a $1.00 Commodity in 1913 there are four choices. In 2012 the relative:

real price of that commodity is $23.90
real value of that commodity is $45.40
labor value of that commodity is $99.40(using the unskilled wage) or $138.00(using production worker compensation)
income value of that commodity is $127.00

If you want to compare the value of a $1.00 Income or Wealth , in 1913 there are four choices. In 2012 the relative:

historic standard of living value of that income or wealth is $23.90
contemporary standard of living value of that income or wealth is $45.40
economic status value of that income or wealth is $127.00
economic power value of that income or wealth is $411.00…”

The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin

The Creature from Jekyll Island

This is the leading result of a comparison I did of the value of US $1.00 in 1913, the year in which the scheme to form The Creature from Jekyll Island was secretly hatched by powerful banking cabalists at Jekyll Island, GA, to 2012, the latest year the calculator’s algortithm will produce, at the Measuring Worth website.

It is obvious that, since the inception of the Federal Reserve banking system (along with the creation of the Federal Income Tax, both enacted in Congress in the closing days of 1913), and the issuance of the first Federal Reserve notes which we have used in the USA since 1914 for currency across the nation, the dollar’s value is vanishing — by any measure.

For anyone paying attention, it could hardly be more clear that the elite power players of this world, acting in the own self-interest to the exclusion of all other concerns, are degrading life to the vanishing point for the vast majority of Americans and other inhabitants of the so-called “First World” nations of the Western world. In world where more than two billion people lack access to a toilet, we’re doing great, but in the context of our society, we’re definitely losing ground fast.

Who are “the elite power players of this world?” By industry name, they are petrochemicals, weapons, pharmaceuticals, energy, and, topping them all and tapping them all, finance. The “all-seeing eye atop the power pyramid” known as the financial world is the one industry, along with the intelligence agencies of the world, who comes closest to knowing absolutely everyone’s business. We can designate these industries as the most powerful by several measures as well, but over long-term observation, one measure we can apply to name them the most powerful is their influence over the US government. If crime pays for one, if one always gets one’s way with the “referee,” if the worst of one’s penalties amounts to a symbolic slap on the wrist, one may be called “elite.” It also seems to be the case that the nation-state known as Israel enjoys an elite status in this regard. What Israel wants, it seems, it never fails to get. I have read that the last US President who attempted to enforce the usual requirement for registering agents of influence of a foreign power for Israel as for all other foreign countries, was John F. Kennedy. As it stands, Israel’s agents of influence enjoy freedom from that requirement. Note that Israel, with its diplomatic immunities, its Mossad, and its its many unpunished acts of espionage, were created at the behest of the world’s most powerful financial international banking dynasty since Napoleonic times, the Rothschilds. Watch the linked video to learn some of the ways this ultra-powerful international banking family shaped the world we know. It is history you are unlikely to learn in any school.

Which brings us to consider, that since roughly four hundred families are said to control the boards of directors of the Fortune 500 corporations in America, these interlocked boards contain the members of families who sit as CEOs of various corporations and at the same time, board members of others. It gradually dawned on me that dynastic power, therefore, lies behind the anonymity bestowed by the branding of corporate logo symbolism. (This center of power is probably the coded meaning of the “family values” meme so-called conservative politicians bandied about for so long, since their actual policies have tended to greatly increase the stresses on most actual families in the workaday world.) Together, these “dynasties of directors” constitute a class of people who have voted into being the system of “golden parachutes” for CEOs which became “the new normal” since the “Greed is Good” 1980s. While the Reaganites were running the show, the corporate business model became an incentive to drain the finances of corporations into one’s own pockets, get duly fired by the board, and reap multi-tens-of-million dollar “golden parachutes” to add to one’s pile on the way to permanent green time on the golf course. The incentive for leaders in that system actually became ruining the corporations they led! For the sake of the common good, there could hardly be a worse system for doing business. In between smashing one industry and the next, they could obtain cushy government jobs for a few years, helping tilt policy in the direction they and their peers would desire, cultivating more good will from “the business community” while corrupting and looting government institutions in the meantime. Wave the flag, praise the Lord, and let us prey.

Not much discourse on these predations seems to permeate the mainstream media (which is sponsored by the beneficiaries of this system), and not much was said about offshoring American jobs, except to promote the claim that for Americans to lose sweaty jobs was for them to gain cushier ones. As China was made into the world’s slave-driven sweatshop, India into its technical support center, and the US into its “do you want fries with that?” service economy, a great shift in investing was underweigh, not for the first time. The stock market is always sold to us as a means of raising capital for financing industry. But, in the course of the destruction of US industries in which to invest, a quick-buck emphasis developed on speculating in the financial economy rather than the commercial economy, a phenomenon which, once technology caught up to the need and the greed, developed into the lightning-fast in-outs of the day-trading phenomenon. In the flag-flapping 1980s, more temporary and part-time, lower quality jobs were created as unions were busted out of existence. From an investment standpoint, businesses and the jobs they provided became temporary tools and toys for rich speculators to get into and out of quickly. The “growth” of the economy came to depend more than before on sheer “churn,” the rapidity with which dollars changed accounts, not on how productive the economy was in terms of goods and services produced. The offshore banking business boomed as Thatcherite Tories, Reaganite Republicans and others rushed and hushed vast sums of money into secretive tax shelters which have increasingly come under pressure from beleaguered governments who served their patrons perhaps a little too well, threatening themselves along with the rest of us with extinction. That is, except for the leading government figures who engaged in this smart-money practice themselves.

The President of France

The President of France

The commercial economy during the 1980s and beyond looked productive; there were more and various goods on store shelves than ever, mainly a flood of imported products. But the stock market, mutual funds and money markets surged in an apparently laissez-faire marketplace. It was better to try investing in the global markets than in any particular company or industry in such a volatile environment. The simultaneous recession and inflation of the 1970s had provided plenty of cash to stow somewhere. The great domestic accomplishment of the Reagan Administration was to slow the rampant inflation rate America had suffered under Nixon and Carter, in the wake of the growth of the welfare state simultaneous with the war in Vietnam. Conditions were set to lure the inflation (money supply in excess of goods) into the stock market, and then to vaporize it on “Black Monday,” October 19, 1987.

And, while “free market” rhetoric filled the air, the government during the 1980s, with the signing of Executive Order 12631, actually set up secretive, back-channel controllers to steer the financial markets, informally known as “the plunge protection team,” formally known as the Working Group on Financial Markets.  The PPT operates as a small, shadowy group of some of the country’s most powerful string-pullers, specifically to manipulate the financial markets. For a summary of credible suspicions (in the light of some historical perspective) regarding the actions of this group, read this.

Since President Richard Nixon paved the way for today’s New World Order globalism by going to China to open trade relations, such a scenario unfolded to define an era called “conservative,” continuing through the early power-consolidating deregulations of big business interests under the Carter Administration, through the full-throttle dismantlement of Americans’ own empowerment in the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s, right up through our own day. Americans had flags flapped in our faces most fervently, and a cross held to our heads like a gun (the cost of dissent now being your immortal soul), while our government went through a transition phase from serving at least nominally national interests to a fervently globalist bent. In other words, the sell-out was total. Our tax dollars were taken and used by the Reagan/Bush Administration to fund the de-industrialization of the US, to weaken the national power base of our people at our people’s direct and long-term expense, while bribed and / or witless tools screamed any who opposed that trend were “unpatriotic.” (You’ve seen the likes of these sorts on Fox News and heard them yapping the dumbass-tickling propaganda on AM talk radio.) The people accommodated themselves to deregulation of industrial side-effects and privatization of government functions, voting and tort reforms which removed powers from citizenship, blanket drug testing, random police roadblocks, military-armed SWAT teams breaking in doors on no-knock warrants, while senseless mass killings by “lone nuts” became almost routine, and a massive terror attack (which it appears the Federal government facilitated in many ways) boosted us into an era when all these trends accelerated and picked up new permutations, kidnapping and torture as acknowledged national policy, cessation of Habeus Corpus law, porno-scans at the airports, sales of implantable tracking chips, a new national Department of Homeland Security arming every Andy and Barney police department across the land with tanks and armored cars, while citizen investigators filmed the presence of stacks of millions of plastic coffins lying at the ready, for — what?  (A world containing only 500,000,000 human lives, as longingly inscribed on The Georgia Guidestones, perhaps?) The ugly and deceptive trend toward a locked-down, all-pervasive surveillance society became a fait accompli. It only began with Nixon and Reagan; it has never ceased with subsequent Administrations. As the Cold War wound down and the greatest apparent threats to America dissipated with lower international tensions, increasing tyranny, anxiety, and economic eviscerations became the only changes alert Americans would really believe in.

The Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones

Big money and concentrated, “on-message” media have carried the day. The judiciary and the legislative branches of government are largely neutralized by a system of legalized bribery and the shifts to arbitration, plea-bargaining, and corporate-made supranational law called “trade agreements.” The regulators are defanged and corrupted, and, evidently in the wake of 2008, so are the once-trusted ratings agencies. There is nothing in which to place confidence for a better or more secure future. Globalism, a free market dealing in worldwide desperation, has triumphed. To be sure, unprecedented prosperity has taken root for some, creating new classes of well-heeled people in nations such as India and China. Managers of the dregs must always be well paid. Across the US, new gated communities and “McMansion” exurbs were built to house the management of the elite industries. Everything else was suckered into debt and plundered, or simply left to rot in an ever-quickening, “keep up with the billionaires or die” social compact  — the Raw Deal, we might as well call the successor to the largely-dismantled “New Deal” of FDR.  A relatively egalitarian society in the USA was transformed into a polarized society of choosers and beggars, a study in contrasts. The choosers are free, while the beggars may have their homes burst into by heavily-armed, black clad platoons of men leaving fatalities in their wake, for no reason. A “wrong address” will be cited afterwards,perhaps, but there is never an apology to be found — only terror.

And so it went, pretty much across the world, stratification into wealth and states of privation, then a deregulated and consolidated financial industry staged the largest pump-n-dump scenario and greatest pyramid scheme in all history, and walked away from it grinning, drunk on more wealth and power than ever before, as the Western World, with the exception of Iceland, rewarding the mass plunderers. Right-wing pundits did their job, which was to blame the victims, the mortgage holders, while, without any clear explanation of what caused the “meltdown” emanating from the corporate, mis-named “liberal” media, most others remained bewildered about it all.

But, Iceland did what should have been done. They banded together as a people, instituted a new government, and prosecuted the crooks who had captured their old government, the better to swindle the entire population out of everything they had worked for. The United States, of course, as a service organization for the all-highest global crime syndicate, did the opposite.

Meanwhile, Spain, Ireland, Greece, and Portugal stand with such a debt now as to be said to threaten the existence of the Euro and the European Union. The banksters who have financially ruined these nations have ordered their pet governments to impose “austerity,” in other words, to take the debt they created on paper out of the hides of the people, to literally rob the citizenry of all they have worked for all their lives, including the looting of their personal bank accounts and their pensions, to pay the bankers interest on the debts they created for these societies. Rioting  broke out in Greece, the Cypriots barely faced down a new tax on their savings accounts in the spring of 2013, while the Spanish have massed by the millions around their Parliament to pressure “their” government to remember their interests. It’s a crisis, a struggle over whether the common interests of humanity or the privileged interests of its self-appointed masters, who created the crisis by means of their control over the governments, will prevail.

In the US, we are constantly reassured by media reports that a “recovery” is under way. But, what is a jobless recovery? Statistician John Williams, on his site, Shadowstats, seeks to puncture self-serving government unemployment statistics for the US, claiming that if the true aggregate of hopeless and former job seekers were actually included in government unemployment statistics, where people fall off the numbers once their unemployment benefits cease, whether they have found employment or not, that the actual unemployment rate in the US tops 23%. That’s a figure within a few percentage points of the peak of unemployment during the Great Depression of the 1920s and 1930s, and nearly three and a half times as high as the official government version.

And you may have missed this: our USA money masters in the Federal Reserve banking system, a network of private bankers given authority over the volume of money in the country, people who helped themselves to billions of dollars they printed Federal Reserve bank notes as inflationary “quantitative easing” in the wake of the 2008 financial “meltdown,” have explicitly set a goal of devaluing the already near-worthless dollars we now hold by 33%.

In fact, not only will our hard-earned dollars plummet in value to be worth less than ever, by sheer design, but we will in fact be charged money just to have money at hand. America’s financial elite have decided to charge us for saving money and to implement “negative yield” bonds as soon as possible. How would you like to purchase bonds that can leave you not only without your purchase cost, but sink “below zero” and start siphoning off the rest of your money, too? Bonds that literally steal from you? That’s exactly what they have planned for us now.

I can remember when President Richard Nixon, generally considered an “arch-conservative” in his time, largely for his Congressional record and in the context of that more liberal era, proposed a breathtaking change in national policy — a guaranteed family income for every American family in a nationally-televised presidential address during the throes of the Opec oil embargo of the early 1970s. Today, the Swiss have adopted that idea, at least insofar as to have it petitioned into existence as an upcoming national ballot initiative which will constitute the first national vote in history to have every citizen paid a national income annually, whether they are working or not. The “mediactivist” Stanislaus Jourdan is working for a Europe-wide adoption of that practice, stating that, “Everyone wants to do something with his life. The question is whether we trust people to do that or we think we have to force people to take a job. The morality of work is fading because people can see that whether they’re working or not, they’re not being rewarded according to their efforts.”

Wow. What if you actually gained control of your own time while you were alive? While pay rates and purchasing power vary greatly across the nations of the European union, such a policy could produce the greatest experiment in human liberty ever adopted. Surely, flourish or flounder, the result would produce a radical change in the course of history.

Swiss activists dump a truckload of 8 million five-centime coins

Swiss activists dump a truckload of 8 million five-centime coins

In the USA, and in some other areas of the world,  given the failure of the Federal Reserve note, or other globalist central bankers’ currency and financial investing systems to serve the commonweal, various localities have instituted, some only temporarily, experiments in local currencies so as to help life go on.

And, since 2009, in the midst of all this man-made turmoil caused by deregulated finance and galactic levels of leveraged debt, there has arisen another reaction to the disintegration of the world financial system: the bitcoin. The bitcoin is a “peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.”

The bitcoin has had a major rise and fall thus far, and it is rising again, drawing major investors, thousands of businesses, and even the nation of France into authorizing a bitcoin exchange to operate as a bank. This site tracks the progress of bitcoin around the world.

Though the bitcoin faces possible government efforts to regulate it, or perhaps to try to eradicate it, on claims that it can help dodge taxes or facilitate illegal transactions (as if dollars have not massively served for both already) whether they will be able to achieve either is in doubt. Alan Greenspan is quoted as saying, “”You have to really stretch your imagination to infer what the intrinsic value of bitcoin is. I haven’t been able to do it. Maybe somebody else can.” I wonder what Greenspan would posit as the “intrinsic” value of the US Federal Reserve Note dollar, which has so shrunk in value over the course of its century of existence?

The most interesting thing about bitcoin, to me, is its claim to be a peer-to-peer form of payment which eliminates the need for financial institutions. Other than that, it’s apparently the perfect vehicle for replacing the world’s currencies with their complex exchange rates with a single, global, system of payments.

Incidentally, Evelyn de Rothschild has publicly pined for a global currency on British television on more than one occasion.

Will the people of the world take flight to freedom? Or from it? And, either way, how will we do it? These are rhetorical questions in my mind at this point. I’ve been meaning to look at bitcoin for a couple of years now, and I’m only just starting to learn how it works. I will have to ponder the matter for a while, in order to form a true opinion. But, I do favor taking a decentralized approach toward both financing and the production of food and medicinal crops at this point because, though I’m loathe to weaken the national fabric, I believe the Federal government has, acutely since the Second World War, become a service organization for a global crime syndicate, and that, under the current campaign financing system, it is well beyond badly-needed reform so as to steer the USA back towards the practice of democracy and the relative integrity of republican status (rather than imperial status). In other words, the national fabric has already been subverted in a virus-like manner and the body politic become a weakened zombie under the control of a collectivist, corporate-elite, malignant parasite which is sapping our collective system. Powerful, monopolistic interests given free reign since the Reagan Revolution want to own and control literally everything and everybody, and they have made great strides in doing so by fomenting social conditions which generate legions of beggars — who cannot be choosers. They stand poised on the brink of controlling whether or not we can engage in essential commerce, or even eat. They’ve had their government order up billions of rounds of hollow-point shells and they’ve armed the Social Security offices. And, yes, they have millions of stackable coffins standing ready for us.

So far, the Rothschilds and their incorporated partners in covert world rule their family established over the past couple of centuries have been steps ahead of everyone else in shaping the world. Could it be that, despite the claim of bitcoin to exclusivity from the kinds of financial institutions which have made the family so powerful, that bitcoin will somehow turn out to be precisely what the New World Order — ordered? Not to reform the system at this point, as the brave and enlightened souls who constituted the Occupy Wall Street movement realized, practically guarantees the suicide of civilization through privation, warfare, ecocide, perhaps even plague and nuclear war.  But, according to the lore of scholars who have studied the history of the world’s elite, the groups who have truly come out on top have done so because they can play both sides of every situation, fomenting wars so as to lend to all combatants, fomenting crises and mass destruction so as to benefit from the costs of reconstruction. Author Naomi Klein calls this Disaster Capitalism and, given the debt-as-power basis of the current financial world system, acutely exacerbated by the disappearance of new frontiers on the earth, we are practically in peril of destroying ourselves just to generate new debts for bankers.

We live, indeed, in interesting times.

Happy New Year, if we can make it so.


10 thoughts on “Is the World About to Embrace a New Money Paradigm?

  1. Hi Ron,

    A stirring and informative presentation of who, what, when and where that left me shaking in my socks but I’m more interested in understanding “why” we do the things we do. If we could understand that, free of judgment, maybe we could think our way through this dilemma with all sides working together. Perhaps we’re even co-conspirators in the development of this crisis in order to help us Wake Up, Wise Up and Rise Up to a greater human potential. As we think, we create. To change what we create, we must change what we think. Cheers and Happy New Year!

    • Thank you for the thoughtful remarks, Roger. In large part, we stand where we do because we are all born into a world we not only never made, but we have limited time and resources for figuring out. It takes a lot of dedication and any honest analyst must admit she or he is not all-knowing, either. But, as you seem to be, I’m a big believer that it is going to take all of us working together to transcend the current, artificial, difficulties. We have to suspend judgement not only of each other’s preconceived notions to an extent, but also of the lessons we are taught as children. There are two tasks which are urgent, yet surprisingly difficult to achieve, at least in time for it it make the crucial difference. Yet, I retain some hope. Signs are all around that millions have gradually awakened as a large quantity of “bullshit” may have grandly paraded into view to find people not quite as infinitely gullible as their masters have believed to date.

      • Thanks for answering back, Ron. Yesterday, New Years Eve, 2013, I started developing an article on the philosophies of Charles Darwin and Ayn Rand. I wasn’t sure where I was going with it but I woke up this morning with the thought that both of them worked hard and did the best they could with what they knew. What more can we ask of anyone?

        What they didn’t take into account were the limiting effects of their beliefs. Not only the limitations of their personal beliefs but the limiting effects of prevailing cultural beliefs. Rand couldn’t stand the idea of oneness (we, as opposed to me) and communism. Darwin had concerns about the acceptance of his work by the scientific community and the rejection of it by the church. Both discounted mysticism and intuition as tools for understanding. When we start judging things as good or bad, right or wrong, we start building boxes around ourselves. How can we expect to find the truth of anything if we start by placing conditions on what “truth” is before we start?

        Having the greatest analytical minds in the world won’t help us solve human relational challenges if we remain closed to the idea that we’re not only products of creation; we’re creation itself? What’s the purpose of life? What do we know that we don’t know we know? What can we do that we don’t know we can do? Where do we begin? Where do we end?

        How much effort do we put into “feeling” our answers as opposed to leaving it up to our intellects and biological senses (see: Genesis: A Lucid Creation Dream)? Why not use both our outer and inner senses to solve problems?Until we open our hearts and minds to all possibilities, without prejudice, how can we find meaningful solutions to human dilemmas? WE are the change we’re waiting for!

        Where do we start? How about defining our primary goal, one that’s large enough to contain all possibilities? Here’s my personal motto: Seek the greatest understanding and serve the highest good. It came to me one day when I was bending over to pick something up and wondering about what my purpose in life was at the same time. Strangely, it happened right in front of the pantry door where I have other philosophical sayings taped. It was a revelation in that it went way beyond earthbound/ego-bound ideals like getting rich or famous, not that these ideals are good or bad things. It’s about balance. Making sense of life and All That Is seems a lot more exciting to me than losing myself in the material side of being. I want to know everything for what it really is, not what culturally sanctioned individuals or institutions want me to believe.

        I’ve also adopted another idea that seems to lend itself well to growing awareness. It accepts the notion that there is not right or wrong, good or bad; there just IS! There’s what we like, and what we don’t like, what works, and what doesn’t work, what makes us happy and what doesn’t. It treats us not as blank slates to be written on, empty sponges to be filled or clever robots to be programmed but as creators of our own reality. It forces us to pay attention to our thoughts and the experiences they create so we can learn from them. No more pointing our fingers at others and blaming them for our actions.

        From what I can surmise so far, Consciousness (Aware Energy or Energetic Awareness) is the Source and Substance of All That Is. How can we say that? Because, without Energy or the Power to Act, how can Awareness know and express itself? And, without Awareness, what acknowledges and creates a need for Energy? Doesn’t one need the other for ANYTHING to exist? Without awareness and action, how can we define ourselves? How can we exist?

        Life, it’s all good, especially when we learn from it! If you’re interested, Ron, let me know how you think we might work together. It seems to me the most meaningful thing we can do is raise our own awareness and encourage others to do the same. We’re not bad, it’s who we think we are and what we think reality is that’s creating problems for us. Maybe there are others out there who are ready to see things in new ways. Are we ready to take off the training wheels? I am and it sounds like you are too!

        If you’re interested, check out The Conscious Creator Forum on my website. It asks questions that make us use our hearts and imagination to figure out what works and makes us happy.



      • Pete, our beliefs are limitations on our field of action, to be sure. From my observations, human interaction seems to range from synchronicity to practically telepathy, all the way to hard-core antipathy. Given all the differing mileus in which people develop their mindsets, and, to be sure, I believe we’re all born with some sort of set of latent traits, a disposition which helps define us throughout our lives, I’m unable to imagine (sorry, John Lennon) everyone ever getting “on the same page” when it comes to prejudices and such. People seem to cooperate best when they are plunged together into disaster situations, and they perceive disaster situations most clearly when they are of a physical nature. In my latest post, I’m alluding to a part of what some have termed “the long emergency,” where wishful thinking, denial, the relative lack of meaningful discourse on the part of trusted authorities, and so on defuse the urgency of the situation, which is of a daunting scale to begin with.
        What I do dare hope for is that enough people will awaken to gain perspective on our largest common issues and forge new paths together, for divided as we have been, it has surely hastened our fall. I believe that due to our not having not acted in time, tens of millions of our fellows have suffered great travails needlessly, and that we collectively had several opportunities to check the tidal wave which has engulfed them.
        Signposts through history in my lifetime have remained unconnected in the minds of most as nearly as I can ascertain. But what would have happened had, for instance, a grand jury convicted conspirators in the JFK and/or RFK assassinations, or those of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. or Malcolm X? What if President Reagan had been impeached over the Iran-Contra scandal? What if the press had mobilized enough public outrage to have thwarted the Savings & Loan deregulation/looting spree? What if the government could have been prevented from paying our tax dollars to big business to offshore American jobs (I read somewhere that a big pharmaceutical corporation was paid a half-milllion for each job it set up in the Dominican Republic, if memory serves). What if prejudices had been laid aside and the government assaults at Ruby Ridge and Waco had been redressed by government agents losing their jobs and going to prison, or the approving President in that case, Clinton, being impeached? We were supposed to have limited government, but we allowed it to slip away. And I can’t even believe the incurious state Americans permitted themselves over 9/11. The rapid, symmetrical collapses of the Twin Towers were so unnatural that they should have all been suspicious about the mismatch of cause with effect, and insisted on an investigation right away, and insisted on one not controlled by the White House. By the time of 9/11, the banks had already had their way with the law. It was a blatant lie to claim no one could have foreseen the consequences; I used to read warnings in The Nation back in the 1990s, forecasting the results of the deregulations big bank lobbyists were pressing for in Congress. The corrutp and fattened government is at once smug and contemptuous of the stupefied populace, and at the same time afraid to cross its benefactors, who have means of controlling them which go beyond campaign finance itself.
        I do take your point about realizing we are creation itself. I presume each person may, from time to time, find him or herself consciously in situations where the choice of action can make drastic differences. The care exercised in uttering a few simple words, even the way they are said, may, in some instances, mean the difference between simple cooperation and a brawl.
        I also agree that the use of intuition is crucial in finding meaning. Nascent thought has led to all the important discoveries ever known to the human race. The devaluation of intuition in the public discourse is a ploy intended to keep us on our knees.
        I understand the rest of what you’re saying. There was a time I was deeply and naturally mystical in my approach to life and reached an understanding of creation on a cosmic scale. However, I do not operate at the level of cosmic eternity, I leave that to the Godhead. Though “all things work together for him who loves the Lord,” and nearly all setbacks that aren’t fatal can be learning opportunities, in this incarnation, I do draw distinctions between good and bad, better and worse. A friend recently posted a Nietzsche quote to Facebook, to the effect that God must either be a collaborator with the Devil, or else not all-powerful. I get that logic, to be sure, but I see the matter as you phrase it, “Doesn’t one need the other for anything to exist?” Yes. As far as I’m concerned, we’re here, and so is the dark end of the matter/energy spectrum commonly known as “the Devil,” so that the One Ultimate Being whose arrival at self-awareness launched the Universe, does not have to suffer a state of self-awareness while being all alone. Over in Eternity, that’s the way it is. Here, in the Cosmos, on our side of the snake which swallows its own tail, our side of the single point connecting the dualistic oneness, here, in the world of Maya, or illusion, blissfully, it is not. Here, we have interaction, the clash and the harmony of All That Is, that which permits us to live and breathe as human beings, bequeathing us all our sorrows and joys. I demand more joys, however, and, feeling the need for them, I cling to the notion that we can have them if we take right action.
        But, while our society might be compared to an anthill when we’re speaking in such terms, the actions of the ants go a long way, on normal days, in determining the quality of life available to the ants. That’s the level I’m operating on.

    • Pete, evidently not? I have not heard about this issue before. I’ve checked all the available Settings, and also consulted WordPress support pages
      I didn’t find anything I could change. I supposedly permit the posting of up to four links within a comment. I allow the use of “Markdown,” as well.
      Wordpress does not allow comments to be edited after they are posted. Are you unable to edit the comments as you compose or review them?
      I usually write in Notepad and do a little light editing in the blog space before I post to the blog, whether the post is to be a small one or a large one. Have you tried that for commenting?

      • I composed my post on Windows Live Writer and then pasted it, links and all, on your blog. Everything, not plain text, was wiped out. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to add our discussion to my blog so readers can access links to other articles. Let me know.

      • Pete, that’s okay with me. Sorry for the disallowance of links; that comes as a surprise to me, given that I have Settings on the Comments to allow for a few links to be included in the Comments. I just thought to check the spam filter and found a post from you with links which it decided was spam. Of course, I do get some actual spam and I’m glad the filter actually does filter that stuff out. I’ve given up on the penis enlargement pills. Anyway, hopefully, I just set your comment free to surface on the site.

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